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Saint Makarius of Alexandria

Makarius was born in Alexandria, Egypt in the year 305. As a young man he left the city for solitary life in the desert of Nitria, where some five thousand hermits came to life nearby him and under his supervision, enlighten by his example and teaching. He then was ordained a priest in order to be able to minister the holy sacraments for this grand monastic community.

The Arians went after him, as they persecuted his contemporaneous Makarius of the Cross, with whom he lived for three years. Saint Makarius received the angelic hood (eskeem) from the hand of the Great Saint Anthony. God granted Makarius the gift of performing miraculous deeds, like driving out demons and healing the sick. In his solitude he led an tireless life of holiness for some sixty years, until God called him to his eternal glory in the year 395. May his prayers be with us. Amen.