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An Icon is a prayer in line and form;
a hymn of praise in color and harmony.
An icon is a work of beauty inspired by God;
an offering of the soul,
painted to adorn the Church.
An icon illustrates the words of the Gospel;
faithful to apostolic teachings,
following the traditions of the Church.
An icon speaks to the heart and soul of the faithful;
a window into Heaven,
lifting us up to Christ and the Saints.
An Icon belongs to the liturgical worship of the Church,
embodies eternity
and brings Heaven to earth.

  See Icons:
 1- The Maronite Icons following the Maronite Liturgical Year:
      This page includes 51 Icons faithful to our Maronite Heritage.

 2- The Maronite Icons of the Saints:
      This page includes 40 Icons.
      (Ninety-one Icons retrieved from two books: 
       1- “The Maronite Icons: Modern Sacred Art.” Dar Sader Publishers: 
             Beirut, Lebanon, 1999, 204 pages.                                                     
       2- “The Maronite Icons: Saints of the Maronite Church”. Dar Sader
             Publishers: Beirut, Lebanon, 2003, 186 pages.
       To obtain a copy of these books, please contact: 
       Dar Sader Publishing and Printing 
       P. O. Box 10 Beirut, Lebanon
       Fax: 961-4-910270 

 3- Icons by Christine Habib El-Daye  (Our Lady of the Hill or Saydet El
     Talle-Deir El Kamar, Saint Sharbel, Saint Nimatullah Hardini,
     Saint Elias or Elijah, the Crucifix, Our Lady of Beshwat, Saint Rafqa,
     and Saint Maron).