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The Rosary has always been a powerful weapon against terror throughout history:

 Europe has been terrorized for many centuries by Islamic (fundamentalist) raids. Innocent people were kidnapped and sold as slaves.

 Cities and towns were pillaged and looted. Thousands of churches were burnt down in Syria, Palestine, & Egypt.

 The Maronites monasteries including Bet Moroon were completely destroyed. Christians were forced to become Muslims.

 The Holy Sepulcre was burnt in Jerusalem. Many Christians took refuge in the mountains of Lebanon.

 In response to that terror, the Europeans made their difficult decision: to launch the Crusades. On their way to Jerusalem, the crusaders would use a cord with 150 beads to pray one Our Father and 150 Hail Mary.

 In 1213, the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Dominic and recommended this prayer for the conversion of sinners, to stop heresies and wars. St. Dominic organized this prayer and called it the Rosary (Roses offered to Mary).

 In 1571, the Islamic troops advanced towards Rome. The Christians were terrified. They gathered in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on October 7, 1571. They were crying from fear. The Pope told them to “Pray the Rosary”. On that day, the Christians won the battle of Lepanto and the invaders were defeated. After 2 years, Pope Gregorius XIII declared October 7 the Feast of the Rosary.


 A 100 years later, Islamic troops surrounded Vienna, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, for 10 years. The King of Poland, John III Sobieski, was guiding the European Christian troops. When he saw that victory was something impossible, he climbed up a hill, cried out to Mary, holding in his hands the Rosary. The Christians of Vienna began to pray in processions the rosary. The invaders left the city and withdrew. That was on September 13, 1683. Following the victory, the King of Poland asked the Pope to consecrate the whole month of October to honor the Rosary.


 Today, we are called to use this weapon once again to defeat terror & hatred in the world. Pray the Rosary.