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Icons of Saints

             Saint Elijah                                            Saint Elijah

              Saint Gabriel                                     Saint Barnabas

      Saint Anthony the Great                           Saint George

              Saint George                            Saint Nimatullah Hardini 

       Saint John Climacus                            Saint John Maron

                Saint Marina                                       Saint Maron

       Saint Mary of Egypt                             Massabki Brothers

        Saint Neophytos                                        Saint Rafqa

            Saint Sharbel                                        Saint Sharbel

           Saint Symeon                                        Saint Symeon

   Saint John the Evangelist                 Saint Luke the Evangelist

   Saint Mark the Evangelist              Saint Matthew the Evangelist

               Saint Paul                                             Saint Peter

          Saint Stephen                                 Saint John the Baptist

            Saint Joseph                                          Saint Mary

            Saint Michael                                        Saint Michael

              Saint Moses                               Saint Raphael-Tobias

           The Ascension                                     Christ the King

               The Crucifixion                                              Pentecost

                   Resurrection                                       The Virgin Mary