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      Maronites of Cyprus

  • Sept01-2004 Lebanese presidential crisis boils over. Maronite archbishops slam corruption, Syrian role.'Damascus deals with Lebanon as though it were a Syrian province'.
  • Sept02-2004 Country divided by Lahoud extension. UN draft resolution prompts calls for national unity.
  • Sept03-2004 Syria dismisses heavily amended UN resolution as a 'failure'. Six Security Council members abstain from vote. 
  • Sept04-2004 Lebanese MPs give Lahoud 3 more years. Amendment passes despite objections.
  • Sept17-2004 Our Lady of Beshwet continues to draw thousands of people.
  • Oct01-2004 Lebanese minister Marwan Hamade wounded in Beirut blast.
  • Oct18-2004 Maronite Church voices solidarity with Iraqi Christians.
  • Oct21-2004 The 10th Miracle since August 21, 2004.
  • Nov16-2004 Those who oppress the Lebanese people should pay a heavy price for these actions.
  • Nov19-2004 Students vow to hold protests, despite ban ISF will try to stop demonstrations.
  • Nov20-2004 Lebanese protesters denounce Syrian interference.Police exercise restraint ignoring ban on demonstrations.
  • Phoenicians Who were the Phoenicians?
  • Nov26-2004 The Mountains of Lebanon are crowned with snow.
  • Dec24-2004 Sfeir focuses on next year's elections. Patriarch asks if electoral law will allow public free expression.