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Maronite Church Seeking 'Common Ground' Agreement by Politicians

Retrieved from Naharnet on January 11, 2007

 A delegation of Maronite Bishops on Thursday held talks with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michael

 Aoun and ex-Minister Suleiman Franjieh in an effort to work out an agreement on joint principles that

 could unite Christian ranks.

 Bishop Samir Mazloum, who headed the tripartite delegation assigned by Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, said

 the separate talks were aimed at brokering agreement among Christian leaders on the principles of the

 Maronite church announced last December.

 He said the separate talks with Aoun and Franjieh were "positive. We hope to achieve similar results from

 our talks with other political leaders."

 He said the first phase of the talks would include Christian leaders from the opposition

 and pro-government ranks.