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  • Jan06-2008 ‘Maronite 08’ planned for WYD Sydney.
  • Jan13-2008 Maroniteness ‘is a way of life, of grace’.
  • Jan15-2008 Powerful Blast Targets U.S. Embassy Vehicle, Three Lebanese Killed, No Americans Hit.
  • Jan25-2008 Counter-Terrorism Officer Killed, Civilians Targeted in Hazmieh Car Bomb Hit.
  • Jan27-2008 Seven People Killed as Stone-throwing Protestors Riot in Beirut.
  • May07-2008 Lebanon descends into chaos as rival leaders order general strike.
  • May11-2008 Opposition continues military takeover, enforces siege.
  • May21-2008 High-level Lebanese talks in Qatar.
  • July16-2008  Israel and Lebanon prisoner swap.