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Retrieved from Naharnet on July 22, 2006

casualties updated

Lebanese civilians are once again caught in the middle of a merciless conflict. Israeli bombardments have killed more than [1140 people in a month] of fighting and wounded nearly [3697]. Yet, this appalling toll is met with a deadly silence by the international community.

Israel, which says it is out to destroy Hizbullah, is also bombing civilian targets indiscriminately every day. Whole families have been buried under the ruble of their own homes, which were nowhere near Hizbullah military positions. Israeli officials announce that they warn people to leave before they start bombing their towns and villages but what they don’t say is that their fighter jets also drop bombs on the routes civilians are using to flee.

Israel has imposed a sea and air blockade on Lebanon thereby preventing the arrival of food and humanitarian aid to the refugees. A convoy of ambulances from the UAE was bombed on its way to Beirut and two humanitarian volunteers were killed.

There is no justification for such atrocities by the Israeli army that has the means for precise bombing as witnessed by the destruction of the infrastructure with smart bombs.

Day after day, the world has been watching heart-breaking images of dead and wounded Lebanese, many of them women and children, in addition to the incomprehensible destruction of the country’s infrastructure that took decades to build. It is a well-known fact that the Geneva Convention forbids attacks against innocent civilians in times of war. Why is there still no strong condemnation of Israel’s actions and why is it getting away with these crimes?

Israel is not waging war against Hizbullah anymore. It is not fighting terrorism. Israel is now itself engaged in terrorism against Lebanese civilians.

Before this already catastrophic situation gets worse, Israel’s war machine must be stopped!

Israel is committing a Holocaust in Lebanon… Does somebody care?