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The 10th Miracle since August 21, 2004

 Our Lady of Beshwet continues to bestow her graces of healing on people. The latest miracle occurred this week with a 51-year-old woman from Tannourine

 called Nana Mhanna. Nana was suffering from heart problems. Her doctors recommended not to go through any operation because that can risk her life.

 Finding no healing answer from doctors, Nana had to look at heaven. She decided to visit the small Maronite village of Beshwet where many miracles through

 the intercession of Our Lady of Beshwet had been reported since August 21, 2004. Nana visited the Shrine. She spent the whole night inside the church at the

 feet of Our Lady of Beshwet. She prayed the Rosary. At the end of the last decade, Nana saw the Virgin Mary opening her eyes and moving the cross. A drop

 of blood came out of the statue. She began to cry and pray as all of those who were with her saw the same thing. In the morning, Nana woke up a new

 person. She thanked the Virgin and walked in the streets of Beshwet. She noticed her heart was not beating fast as it usually does when she walks. She knew

 she received a healing grace through the Virgin Mary. Nana was asked to present her doctors report as a proof for another testimony.