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Costs of the War of 2006




 This senseless war declared & imposed on Lebanon by Israel took the lives of 1287 Lebanese (106 of them soldiers & militants of Hizbollah, 427 children under 18), wounded 4040 people, displaced 973,000, and cost the country 11 billion dollars of damage (including benefits expected from tourism industry).

Israel destroyed 29 infrastructures (airports, sea ports, power stations, ...), 33 gas stations, 630 Km of roads, 79 highways, 173 bridges, 7150 buildings destroyed, 25.000 apartments, 900 institutions (factories, shopping malls, shops, farms, etc...) 510 trucks targeted by warplanes, 350 airstrikes, 93000 bombs dropped.


The only Catholic TV TL Lumiere announced that the Israeli warplanes destroyed many of its communication towers, which affected 50% of its broadcast. The damages are approximately 1,5 million dollars.


In addition to this, this war caused the biggest ecological problem for Lebanon after the destruction of a power station in Jieh (South of Beirut), which caused the spilling of 15.000 tonnes of fuel oil in the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon needs 100 million dollars to clean up. Israel also left 3.975.200 cluster bombs unexploded in South Lebanon.

 Casualties caused by cluster bombs from August 14 until September 20, 2006: 14 killed, 84 wounded

  This war is one of the costliest war in Lebanon. It equals the category five hurricane Rita that struck the US last year: It costs Lebanon 11 billion dollars.