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Miracles of 2005

The 10 MIRACLES OF 2005

The 10 events that happened in 2005 and that could never be imagined in 2004

 1- The Sunnis turned against Syria: No one could ever imagine that the Sunnis of Lebanon would ever turn against Syria. The main reason for that was the assassination of Hariri which created a deep shock among the Lebanese.

 2- The Druze leader Walid Jumblatt became the opposition leader against the Syrian regime:  No one could ever imagine that before the year 2005.

 3- Hezbollah became a minority in Lebanon:  That was a real change. Hezbollah disregarded the Patriarch’s request for Syria to withdraw from Lebanon considering the Christians as a minority. On March 14, 2005, Hezbollah became a minority in the country.

 4- Christians & Muslims became united against the Syrian occupation:  That was a miracle. March 14 was a true miracle.

 5- The international community supported Lebanon:  Lebanon has always felt abandoned by the international community. That was a big change.

 6- The Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon: That was never expected. The Lebanese people were desperate to see this happen. It was their dream after 30 years of occupation.

 7- The Christian leader Michel Aoun was back from exile: That was the dream of many.

 8- Another Christian leader Samir Geagea was released from prison:  No one could ever imagine that would happen one day.

 9- Ghazi Kanaan committed suicide?:  No one could ever imagine this could happen that a symbol of terror would collapse in 2005.

 10- Abdel Halim Khaddam turned against the Syrian Regime:  That was also something never expected.