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Statements War 2006


This picture was taken by Hassan Ammar/AFP

retrieved from L’Orient Le Jour newspaper on Monday July 24, 2006


Before Bombing: Israeli kids sign bombs

After Bombing: Lebanese kids are killed


“The people of Keserwan and Jbeil are the salt of the earth” (A Muslim Deputy Abbas Hachem said of the Christians who welcomed the Muslim refugees in their own towns and villages).

 "The extensive bombing of Lebanese civilian infrastructure, of bridges, of the airport, and the blockade imposed on Lebanon, both sea and land, and the destruction of the bridges, making it very difficult for people to move around and eventually going to make it difficult to move in supplies of food, medication and others, is a punishment for the Lebanese people as a whole." (Kofi Annan).

 "What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing -- the birth pangs of a new Middle East. And whatever we do, we have to be certain that we are pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one. " (Condoleeza Rice).

 “The kidnapping of two soldiers does not deserve the dismemberment of a whole country, killing hundreds of its citizens, and starving most of its population.” (Maronite Patriarch July 21, 2006).

 “The Fathers urge all Lebanese to welcome their displaced brothers with love and solidarity, no matter what religious denomination they belong, especially after the war actions obliged them to abandon their houses and towns. This calamity ought to gather not to scatter and it calls everyone to take their responsibilities without throwing accusations and complaints.” (Maronite Patriarch July 21, 2006).

 There is a risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in Lebanon.

 Pop singer Shakira launches a campaign to help Lebanon.

 “The most basic human rights of the population are at risk or are being violated, including their rights to life, health and food.” (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour).

 “An end to "both the deliberate targeting by Hizbullah of Israeli population centers" and Israel's "disproportionate use of force and collective punishment of the Lebanese people." (Kofi Annan).



Samuel Eliaho, an Israeli Rabbi, calls for the destruction of whole Lebanese villages.


 “I ask, will other Arab countries and leaders have the courage to acknowledge that Israeli life is equal to Arab life? Will Israel have the courage as well to acknowledge that Lebanese life is equal to Israeli life, and that all life is priceless? I believe that most Israeli and Arab citizens would answer in the affirmative. Can we get their governments and their leaders to do the same?” (Gen. Michel Aoun, Maronite politician).

 “History will judge us all on our actions, and especially on the unnecessary death and destruction that we leave behind. The destruction currently being wrought upon Lebanon is in no way measured or proportional -- ambulances, milk factories, power stations, television crews and stations, U.N. observers and civilian infrastructure have been destroyed.” (Gen. Michel Aoun).

 Siniora called for unity "in the face of the Israeli war criminals".

 "The persistence of Israel in its heinous crimes against our civilians will not break the will of the Lebanese people" (Siniora).

The US government offered SMART BOMBS to Israel, to continue the holocaust watched live by the whole world.

 “While the fighting in Lebanon is "painful and tragic,'' it also presents opportunity for change in the Middle East, a region that has "suffered decades of tyranny and violence.'' (George W. Bush).


 "Everyone who has a problem comes to settle it in Lebanon." (Maronite Archbishop Sayah)

 “I take the occasion to reaffirm the right of Lebanese to the wholeness and sovereignty of the country, the right of the Israelis to live in peace in their state and the right of the Palestinians to have a free and sovereign country.” (Pope Benedict XVI, July 23, 2006).


"We are determined not to be the arena for conflicts and confrontations from now on, whatever the justification... We are basing our arguments on the sorrows of the widowed women, the dead children, the wounded and the homeless people... This setback threw our country decades back... I condemn the destruction of the country's infrastructure, the killing of about 1,000 citizens, a third of whom are children under 12 years old, while the refugees and the displaced people is nearly one million people. Massacres did not spare anyone, from Lebanon's south, to its mountains, valleys, north, east, Beirut and its great and steadfast suburbs... The Israeli army did not spare any bridge, institution, road, civil defense center, populated area, hospital and United Nations position... They even hit humanitarian convoys and the assistance sent to us by our Arab brothers, for no other reason but rancor and revenge." (Lebanese Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, Aug 7, 2006).

 “The July 30 air strike (Cana Massacre) was sufficiently serious to merit a more comprehensive investigation. The attack should be seen "in the broader context of what could be, based on preliminary information available to the United Nations ... a pattern of violations of international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law committed during the course of the current hostilities.” (U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan - August 7, 2006).


“Rmeich”, the southern Christian town, has welcomed 30,000 people from the Shiite towns. Many Muslims took refuge in this small Christian town because they think it will never be bombarded. But “Rmeich” is running out of water & food. There are a lot of diseases that are spreading in the town. The people there are without assistance. A member of the Red Cross said: “It is like an horror movie.”





July 12, 2006 - August 14, 2006

What do you expect

When you remain silent over these crimes,

When you reject calls for a cease-fire,

When you kill civilians,

When you use your veto/power to keep this violence going on,

When you do not allow humanitarian aids,

When you stay indifferent,

When you use your ports to ship bombs,

When you throw leaflets urging people to leave & then you destroy their properties,

When you demonize others calling them terrorists,

When you behave the way Nazism behaved,

When you make a country resemble to a concentration camp,

When you allow all these things to happen?