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Timeline War 2006



  • Aug14-2006 Refugees head back to south Lebanon
  • Aug16-2006 Maronite Bishops call for single national leadership
  • Aug17-2006 Government takes historic decision to send the army to South Lebanon.
  • Aug18-2006 Lebanon buries war dead in mass funerals.
  • Aug23-2006 Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes.
  • Aug31-2006 More Than $940 Million Pledged at World Donors Conference, Saniora Says: Israel Wiped Out 15 Years of Progress.
  • Sept01-2006 UN condemns Israel's "immoral" use of cluster bombs.
  • Sept08-2006 Israel Lifts Naval Blockade of Lebanon.
  • Oct01-2006 Israel completes withdrawal from Lebanon.
  • Nov22-2006 Israel admits dropping cluster bombs on Lebanon.

 Marian signs

Feast of the Assumption: The War ended
Feast of the Birth of Mary: Naval blockade lifted
Feast of the Rosary: Complete withdrawal from Lebanon




Timeline of the 33-day war on Lebanon 2006


July 12, 2006

Hezbollah captures two Israeli soldiers on Lebanese borders and kills eight. Israel retaliates, launching air strikes and sending ground troops into Lebanon.


July 13, 2006

1- Massacre of Doueir:

Israel bombs the house of Adel Daccache who is killed with his wife & 10 children.

Israel hits Beirut International Airport and Beirut-Damascus Highway. It destroys 21 bridges and kills 47 civilians in air strikes across Lebanon.

A land, air, and sea blockade is imposed by Israel on Lebanon.

Hizbollah bombards Israel with dozens of rockets killing 3 Israelis.

France, Britain and Italy criticize Israel of using disproportionate force against Lebanon.


July 14, 2006

Israel bombs the southern suburbs of Beirut.

Hizbollah leader declares an open war against Israel.

Hizbollah launches 100 Katyushia Rockets killing two Israelis.

Hizbollah bombs an Israeli war ship killing 4.

Israel will not stop its offensive unless Hizbollah stops rocket attacks, releases the two Israeli soldiers, and disarm itself.


July 15, 2006

2- Massacre of Marwaheen:

Israel urged the inhabitants of Marwaheen to evacuate their village. Some of the villagers tried to take refuge in a UN post but they were rejected. They left with a truck, but Israel hunted them with its bombs. 22 of them were killed.

Hezbollah attacks Israeli warship, killing four sailors.

Beirut, Jounieh, and Tripoli sea ports were hit by Israeli bombs.

40 civilians were killed across Lebanon.


July 16, 2006

3- Massacre of Tyre:

The destruction of a building for public defense: 12 killed, 50 wounded.

4- Massacre of Borj Chemaly:

The destruction of a house: 5 killed.

5- Massacre of Aitaroun:

The destruction of a house: 11 killed (10 from one family).

6- Massacre of Aba:

The destruction of a house: 8 killed, 10 wounded.

7- Massacre of Abbassiyeh:

The destruction of a building: 9 killed.

60 civilians killed in Lebanon.

Hizbollah bombards Haifa, killing 8 Israelis.


July 17, 2006

8- Massacre of Rmeily:

Israel attacks convoy killing 12

Dozens of rockets hit Israel.

60 civilians killed in Lebanon.

Kofi Annan calls for a ceasefire, but the UN Security Council fails to agree.


July 18, 2006

9- Massacre of Aitaroun:

The destruction of a house: 13 killed.

Attacks on Lebanese army took the lives of 12 soldiers.

Foreigners evacuated.


July 19, 2006

10- Massacre of Nebi Sheet:

The destruction of a building: 8 killed.

11- Massacre of Maaraboun:

Israel hits farmers killing 7.

12- Massacre of Tyre:

The destruction of many buildings: more than 20 killed.

13- Massacre of Sreefa:

The destruction of 10 houses: 27 killed.

72 civilians killed on deadliest day.

Israel hits Achrafieh.

Hizbollah hits Nazareth.


July 20, 2006

The evacuation of Foreigners.


July 21, 2006

Israeli air strikes hit Baalbeck & Tyre.

Hizbollah rockets hit Haifa.

Lebanese civilians flee from south.


July 22, 2006

 Israel hits communication towers.

Israel prepares for ground offensive.


July 23, 2006

Israel bombs neighborhoods in southern suburbs of Beirut.


July 24, 2006

Fierce battle in Bint Jbeil.

7 killed, 42 wounded in Lebanon.

800,000 Lebanese are displaced.

Condoleeza Rice visits Beirut.


July 25, 2006

14- Massacre of Nabatieh Fawqa:

The destruction of a house kills 7 civilians.

Battle in Bint Jbeil.

4 UN observers killed by Israeli air strike. Kofi Anna: “It is an apparently deliberate targeting.”

Condoleeza Rice: “It is time for a new Middle East.”


July 26, 2006

Fierce battle in Bint Jbeil.

Summit in Rome on the Middle East conflict.


July 27, 2006

Al Qaeda threatens attacks on Israel & the US.

Israel continues its air strikes across Lebanon killing 11 civilians.


July 28, 2006

15- Massacre of Hdatha:

The destruction of a building: 6 killed.


July 29, 2006

16- Massacre of Nmeirieh:

Destruction of a house: 7 killed.

17- Massacre of Ein Arab:

Destruction of a house: 7 killed.

Israel withdrew from Bint Jbeil.

Israel rejects UN call for 3-day humanitarian truce.

Mediterranean Sea is polluted with oil after Israeli air strike.


July 30, 2006

18- Massacre of Qana:

Destruction of a building: 28 killed mostly children.

19- Massacre of Yaroun:

Destruction of a house: 6 killed.

Condoleeza Rice cancelled her visit to Lebanon after Qana massacre.



July 31, 2006

The discovery of three massacres during a 48-hour air strike truce.

20- Massacre of Harees:

The destruction of two houses: 16 killed.

21- Massacre of Haloussiyeh:

The destruction of a house: 10 killed.

22- Massacre of Klayleh & Jbeen:

Dead bodies in the streets after convoy being hit by Israeli war planes: 12 killed.

Israel: “This war on Hizbollah will change the face of the region.”


August 1, 2006

The southerners took advantage of the truce to leave their villages.


August 2, 2006

23- Massacre of Baalbeck:

An Israeli commandos operation in Baalbeck leaves 17 killed.

7 killed in Tyre.

3 weeks of war cause 2.5 billion dollars of damage.


August 3, 2006

Hassan Nasrallah threatens to hit Tel Aviv.

Casualties in Lebanon since July 12: 900 dead, 3000 wounded.

12 killed in Israel.


August 4, 2006

24- Massacre of Kaa:

An Israeli air strike kills 23 farmers who were packing fruits.

25- Massacre of Teeba:

The destruction of a building: 7 killed.

26- Massacre of Ayta Chaab:

The destruction of a house: 7 killed.

Israel hits 4 bridges in Christian heartland.


August 5, 2006

Israel bombards Tyre, launches 250 air strikes.


August 6, 2006

27- Massacre of Ansar:

The destruction of a house: 5 killed.

28- Massacre of Jbeen:

The destruction of a house: 4 killed.

15 killed, 160 wounded in Israel by Hizbollah rockets.


August 7, 2006

29- Massacre of Hola:

The destruction of a building: 5 killed. 35 kids were saved miraculously.

30- Massacre of Ghassanieh:

The destruction of a building: 8 killed.

31- Massacre of Ghazieh:

The destruction of the downtown: 15 killed.

32- Massacre of Shiah:

The destruction of a building: 56 killed.

33- Massacre of Brital:

The destruction of houses: 13 killed.

Lebanon wants to deploy 15,000 soldiers on Lebanese border.


August 8, 2006

34- Massacre of Ghazieh:

An attack on a funeral: 14 killed.



August 9, 2006

35- Massacre of Machghara:

The destruction of a building: 8 killed.

An Israeli village, Kiryat Shmona evacuated.


August 10, 2006

Fierce battle in Marjayoun. Israel occupies a Lebanese army barracks with 350 Lebanese security forces.


August 11, 2006

36- Massacre of Akkar:

The villagers gathered to check the damage done by an Israeli air strike. A few minutes later, an Israeli war plane hit the crowd killing 12 and wounding 15.

The 350 Lebanese Security Forces are given permission by Israel to evacuate Marjayoun with hundreds of villagers. The convoy was huge (1500 cars).

37- Massacre of the convoy at Kefraya:

Israel hits the convoy killing 7 and wounding dozens of people.


August 12, 2006

The UN Resolution 1701 calls for an end of this war.

Israel launches a ground offensive in the south.

Israel & Lebanon accept the UN Resolution.


August 13, 2006

13 civilians killed in Lebanon.

Heavy bombardment destroys factories, buildings, and farms.



August 14, 2006

38- Massacre of Brital minutes before ceasefire:

The destruction of a building: 8 killed.

8:00 am: the end of this war.

 ON THE FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION, this unjust war ended.